The first Movement Day Australia was held in Sydney on 1st-2nd May 2018. Roger and Stephen Sutton were there sharing our UK stories and learning some new ones.


One of the biggest learning points for me was the focus of pain in the city. Taking time to ask do you feel the pain of your city? There were such heart wrenching stories told of the pain felt by children, women and the poor across the cities.

Another brilliant example of God’s kingdom was the number of great stories where businesses and churches are working together. In West Sydney a group of businesses have funded a Hub where 40 local churches are able to run and share administration, training and meetings. This is a wonderful resource and expression of unity.


Movement Day Australia gathered city leaders from across the nation in Sydney for 2 days. The people gathered came from every Church tradition under the sun, but all of them had the conviction that Jesus' Church was there to serve a Kingdom vision of the transformation of their cities.


We heard story after story of how the Church has been coming together in relational unity and starting to strategically impact their places. We had our hearts powerfully tuned into the brokenness and pain of our cities through some powerful testimonies and we were led to a place where we wept with Jesus over the city.

After hearing this, we knew that we cannot afford to have a Church that is internally focused. The world can't afford it. The world needs a church that is sent, released, equipped and empowered out to the people and power structures of our cities. Then and only then will we see the true power of the scattered Church.

Watch the highlights video from Movement Day Australia 2018

Movement Day Australia 2018 | Extended Highlights