Roger Sutton shares his highlights and learnings from the Movement Day Greater Dallas conference on 24th February 2018

Greater Dallas have been holding Movement Day gatherings for the last few years and in that time they have seen a greater sense of strategic unity develop across the city.

Dallas is one of the richest and poorest cities in America. There are high levels of poverty but the racial divide is by far the biggest issue they are facing. The north of the city is majority white and prosperous. The south is mainly black and very poor. Movement Day has become a meeting place for both sides of the city.


Roger explains, "I had the privilege of visiting a number of fantastic social projects in the south of the city being greatly supported by the suburban churches in the north of the city. One church feeds 10,000 people a month. Which shows you the extent of the poverty issue.


Another church in the south had an issue where the local council wanted to buy a part of their carpark by compulsory purchase to build a road. The council were offering 1 million dollars. They called one of the majority white churches and asked if any of their members were lawyers who would be willing to help with their case. The most feared lawyer in the city responded (the key is not to have a nice lawyer!). He got them 10 million dollars for their land."


Movement Day Greater Dallas 2018 Conference Highlights.

Movement Days are an ongoing conversation. This isn't a one off event to talk about the city. We must be constantly asking questions: 

  • What needs to be done?
  • What resources do we have?
  • Who is best placed to tackle that issue?
  • How can we support them?
  • What will be the main barriers?


  • Remove or go around the main barriers
  • Is the problem getting better?
  • What can we learn?
  • How can we replicate this?
  • Let's celebrate success


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