Transformational Church

Transformational Church

What does a local church look like that sees its overall mission as being part of God’s plan to transform the whole city/ town in which it exists?

What does a church look like that is seeking to join God’s mission to bring shalom spiritually, culturally and socially across society?

A significant movement in culture, attitudes, structures and success criteria is needed by church leaders and their congregations if we are to create the kind of churches our towns and cities need.

  • The places we love and serve need the local church to:
  • Create loving, welcoming hospitable communities where people feel safe and loved.
  • Create prayerful, worshipful spiritually alive communities where God can be encountered.
  • Be open to the movement of the Holy Spirit as it seeks to bless the local area responding to its vision, needs and opportunities.
  • To work with other partners in the public, private and third sectors to reduce duplication and prove excellent services.
  • To work in a strong relational prayerful unity with other churches as one church in the city/ town sharing resources, knowledge and vision.
  • To encourage, release and train its members to serve as transformational agents in the main spheres of society.
  • To encourage and support those members to network together in the spheres of life and become networks of influence to bring in kingdom values across the city/town

This track will be exploring this vision for a Transformational church.
Highlighting some evolving models being developed across the world.
Learning from the wisdom in the room as leaders with this passion share best practice and challenges.

We are aiming for those attending this track to come away with:

  • A better understanding about what it means to be become a transformational church.
  • A clear idea of what it means to lead a city/town based transformational church.
  • Some key next steps for you and your church to take over the course of the next year to push forward with this vision.

Overview of the track:

Section 1 - Vision casting through interviews and story telling.

Section 2 -  Break down into smaller groups around specific interest areas

Section 3 - Casting vision and practicalities of setting up a transformational network across a city/ town/ island.


Who is speaking on this track?

Alan Platt

Let them Out