Movement Day Africa 2018 was the first Movement Day to draw together a whole continent

Movement Day Africa 2018 was held on 23rd - 24th August 2018 in Nairobi, Kenya, as a two-day gathering of ministry, marketplace and nonprofit leaders passionate about cities and the Gospel of Jesus, coming together across denominational, ethnic, geographical, and socio-economic lines. Over 40 Cities were represented and we thank GOD for what He did.

By 2050 over 65% of Africans will be in cities. It's the youngest, poorest and fastest growing continent in the world. Also, by 2050 50% of all evangelicals will be in Africa. There is so much potential in Africa and this Movement Day gathering was a great step forward in harnessing that potential for good.

Roger speaks to some of the African Leaders

Movement Day UK Director Roger Sutton shares his reflections on the gathering:


"One of the first things to hit me about this event was the strong sense of Africa. This continent has a such a strong identity and that permeated every aspect of the conference. There was a great energy in the room with a real desire to know "how do we work together?". Africa isn't known for working together but there was a new hunger for it, a new feeling they have to do things differently in dealing with the sheer levels of poverty and corruption. They have tried operating as individual churches but now are finding a new understanding, the need to operate as one body of Christ.

The spread of people also made it a fantastic time, coming from so many different cities and backgrounds. Where else do you get to talk about politics, ethical business, church leadership, racial issues, women's rights, education policy, employment, evangelism, church growth, asset management and architecture in the same event? The speakers included business leaders who were exceptional in their insight and such a valuable part of the conversation. There was real respect for christians in the work place."

Since the event Movement Day Africa is now working with 61 cities across Africa. 11 Movement Days are planned to happen in cities across the continent in the next 18 months and a major gathering of leaders is happening in next few weeks. The growth of this movement is phenomenal. Let's pray for the cities of Africa.

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